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Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas (CHCSKC)  Free Clinic in Coffeyville is a remarkable organization that provides essential healthcare services to the underserved and uninsured populations in the area. this free clinic has been instrumental in bridging the gap in healthcare access and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive quality medical care.

CHCSKC operates on a sliding fee scale, which means that the cost of services is determined based on an individual’s income and ability to pay. This ensures that patients receive the care they need without facing financial barriers. The sliding fee scale takes into account various factors such as family size, household income, and the Federal Poverty Guidelines. By implementing this payment scale, CHCSKC ensures that healthcare services remain affordable and accessible to all individuals, regardless of their financial situation.

The clinic offers a wide range of services, including preventive care, primary care, dental care, behavioral health services, and pharmacy services. These comprehensive services address the diverse healthcare needs of the community and promote overall well-being. The dedicated team of healthcare professionals at CHCSKC is passionate about providing compassionate and patient-centered care, ensuring that each individual receives personalized attention and treatment.

One of the most inspiring aspects of CHCSKC is its commitment to community engagement and collaboration. The clinic actively collaborates with local organizations, healthcare providers, and community members to address the unique healthcare challenges faced by the community. Through these partnerships, CHCSKC strives to develop innovative solutions and improve the overall health outcomes of the population they serve.

To support the valuable work done by CHCSKC, individuals can contribute through donations. Donating to CHCSKC helps ensure the sustainability and expansion of their services, enabling them to reach more individuals in need. There are several ways to donate, including:

  1. Online Donations: Visit the official website of CHCSKC and look for the “Donate” button. It will redirect you to a secure donation portal where you can make a contribution using various payment methods.
  2. In-person Donations: CHCSKC may accept in-person donations at their clinic. You can inquire about this option by contacting their administrative office or visiting their facility during operating hours.
  3. Fundraising Events: Keep an eye out for fundraising events organized by CHCSKC or in collaboration with community partners. These events provide an opportunity to contribute while enjoying a fun and engaging experience.
  4. Volunteer Contributions: Apart from monetary donations, CHCSKC often welcomes volunteers who can offer their time, skills, and expertise to support the clinic’s operations. Contact the clinic to inquire about volunteer opportunities and how you can contribute in this capacity.

Services Offered

    • Parking Available
    • Primary Care
    • Behavioral Health
    • Women's Health
    • Pediatric Care
    • Emergency

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