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The MTCHC Davis County Clinic is a renowned medical and dental clinic Free clinic that operates as a free clinic, catering to the healthcare needs of individuals in Davis County and surrounding areas. Founded with a vision to provide quality medical and dental care to underserved populations, the clinic has been a pillar of support for those who cannot afford traditional healthcare services. Through their compassionate approach and dedication, the clinic has become a vital resource for the community.

Foundation: The MTCHC Davis County Clinic was established in 2007, recognizing the pressing need for accessible healthcare options for those facing financial difficulties. The clinic was founded on the principle that everyone deserves access to quality medical and dental care, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Since its inception, the clinic has grown in both scale and reach, making a significant difference in the lives of countless individuals and families.

Services Offered: The clinic offers a wide range of medical and dental services to its patients. Their medical services include general check-ups, preventive care, chronic disease management, immunizations, women’s health services, and referrals to specialists when necessary. In addition, the clinic provides dental services such as cleanings, fillings, extractions, and limited restorative work. By offering comprehensive healthcare services, the clinic aims to address both immediate healthcare needs and long-term preventive care.

Payment Scale: The MTCHC Davis County Clinic operates on a sliding fee scale, which ensures that patients receive care based on their ability to pay. The scale takes into account factors such as income, family size, and expenses to determine the patient’s contribution towards their healthcare services. This approach allows individuals with limited financial means to access vital healthcare services without facing financial hardships.

Donations: The MTCHC Davis County Clinic greatly relies on the support of generous individuals, organizations, and businesses within the community to continue its operations. Donations play a crucial role in sustaining the clinic’s services and expanding their reach to more underserved individuals. There are several ways to donate to the clinic:

  1. Monetary Donations: The clinic accepts monetary contributions, which can be made through their official website or by contacting their administrative office. Donors have the option to make one-time donations or set up recurring contributions, depending on their preference and capacity.
  2. In-Kind Donations: The clinic also accepts in-kind donations, such as medical and dental supplies, equipment, and furniture. These contributions help ensure that the clinic has the necessary resources to provide comprehensive care to their patients.
  3. Volunteer Support: Individuals who are unable to contribute financially can still make a significant impact by volunteering their time and skills. The clinic often requires assistance with administrative tasks, patient support, and organizing community outreach events. Volunteering not only helps the clinic but also offers individuals a chance to give back to their community in a meaningful way.

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