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In the heart of Oregon’s Washington and Yamhill counties, the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health (VGMH) Free Clinic stands tall as a beacon of hope and healing for individuals and families in need. Founded with a commitment to providing compassionate and quality healthcare to underserved communities, the clinic has become an invaluable resource since its establishment.

Foundation and Mission: The VGMH Free Clinic was established in 1975, a testament to the visionary efforts of Dr. Virginia Garcia and community leaders who recognized the pressing need for accessible healthcare services for vulnerable populations. Driven by a profound belief in the power of healthcare to transform lives, the clinic was named in honor of Dr. Garcia’s remarkable contributions to public health.

The mission of the VGMH Free Clinic is to provide comprehensive, culturally appropriate healthcare services to individuals and families, regardless of their ability to pay. They focus on serving the uninsured, low-income, and migrant populations, recognizing the unique challenges they face in accessing healthcare.

Services Offered: At VGMH Free Clinic, a wide range of medical services is available to address both acute and chronic conditions. Highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals offer general medical care, preventive screenings, chronic disease management, women’s health services, pediatric care, and more. They also provide behavioral health services, dental care, and pharmacy services to ensure comprehensive care for their patients.

Payment Scale: One of the key aspects of the VGMH Free Clinic is its ability to offer services on a sliding fee scale. This scale takes into account an individual’s or family’s income and size to determine a fair and affordable payment amount for healthcare services. This approach ensures that even those with limited financial means can access the care they need without facing insurmountable financial burdens.

Donating to VGMH Free Clinic: The VGMH Free Clinic greatly relies on the support and generosity of individuals, organizations, and communities to continue its mission. Donations to the clinic are vital in sustaining and expanding the range of services provided, enabling them to reach more underserved individuals and families. There are several ways to contribute to the clinic:

  1. Monetary Donations: Individuals can make financial contributions to the VGMH Free Clinic through their website or by contacting their administrative offices directly. Donors can choose to make one-time donations or set up recurring contributions, providing ongoing support for the clinic’s operations and programs.
  2. In-Kind Donations: The clinic also welcomes in-kind donations such as medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals. These contributions play a significant role in maintaining the clinic’s ability to deliver quality care to their patients.
  3. Volunteer Opportunities: Those who wish to contribute their time and expertise can explore volunteering opportunities at the VGMH Free Clinic. Volunteers can offer their assistance in various areas, including medical care, administrative tasks, interpretation services, and community outreach.

Services Offered

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    • Primary Care
    • Behavioral Health
    • Women's Health
    • Pediatric Care
    • Orthopedic Care
    • Emergency

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